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Development of a Sensorless PMSM ACIM FOC controller based on InstaSPIN

Hi all,

I am working working on a 600V/600A sensorless inverter than can work on ACIM, PMSM and BLDC using FOC sensorless with a firmware called InstaSPIN (Texas Instriuments)

I like InstaSPIN because we have been testing some other FOC algorithms*and InstaSPIN give better results, Especially with very high currents close to motor saturation. That's means we get more torque for the same motor with InstaSPIN.
About the project: For the power stage, it is based on Infineon FF600R06ME3 modules with SCALE2 drivers. About control I am using a development board from TI: LAUNCHXL-F280049C, It can use any InstaSPIN Launchpad of TI but this board runs a new version of InstaSPIN, This is the version than TI is developing*and supporting right now.
I already have almost all the materials, Infineon IGBTs, SCALE2 drives, the PCB...., so it is time to start mounting, I hope that soon I will have real photos of the inverter
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