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Hello people!
I recently acquired the first component for my future EV conversion. I'm still not sure where I'll install it but I'm interested in gathering the whole kit and figure out which vehicle later.

So, as many of you might know, I fell into the trap of buying a re-labeled HPEVS AC-31 motor, now labeled an AC-41. Bought the motor through Offerup from a guy named Greg in Georgia, apparently he had a bunch of them and I payed $300 plus $250 shipping. After looking at what all other HPEVS motors run for, I thought this was an opportunity I couldn't let pass.

I knew nothing about the motor, and I could barely find any information online or on the HPEVS website, I know I should've done my due diligence before buying, but I was too excited. So do all the researching right after the motor is home.

I decide to call Brian at HPEVS since they're local to me and I thought I could just go chat with him about the motor. Surprisingly it was not a welcoming call, he immediately denies HPEVS ever made an AC-41 and turns me down, I get confused and explain where I got it from and answered it's probably an AC-31 from a Wheego, and that is all he could help me with; since the Ontario facility is only for Manufacturing I should go to one of their dealers for any questions.

OK, at least there is still a little bit more info on the AC-31.

My next idea is to go visit EVwest, maybe they could help me figure out my plan for the motor. So I go ahead and write them an e-mail asking if I could stop by, explaining the situation and how I'd like to maybe potentially install it in my Porsche 914.

I get a reply from Michael at EVwest basically saying that the AC-31/41 is not a good motor for the 914 and it is known to have heat issues, along with a quote for their complete AC-50 914 kit ($$$$$$).

Well fuck, thankfully my 914 is running great at the moment so I'm in no rush to remove the ICE from it, but it got me thinking, maybe I could use the motor for something else, maybe a UTV or Motorcycle where it will not be forced into pushing a lot of weight and hopefully prevent overheating.

So, after saying all this, my intention is to slowly gather all the components like batteries, controller, etc.., so that I don't break the bank all at once.
I've been eyeballing the LGchem batteries, I know EVwest uses them in their M3, and I could easily buy them one by one until I get the amount I need.

I know the AC-31 is rated for 96v but I read that it could perform better and cooler if ran at higher voltage. That way I could start with just 2 LGchems(60vdc ea) at 120vdc and add to that if I need more range.

I'm a mechanical engineer, so I have a very general understanding of how all this works, I've never been into electrical so forgive me if something doesn't make sense.

Is there anything else I should be aware of?
Will the LGchem batteries not work with my motor? should I get something else?

Any insight/opinions are welcome!


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