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AC-35 with manual transmission on VW Thing

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Hi there!
I want to upgrade my 9" Advanced DC with Zilla 1k with AC-35 motor controller.
I do use VW 4 speed transmission with clutch.
The vehicle weight is about 2200lb, plus 4 passengers - maybe 3000lb in extreme case.

Looking to get regenerative breaking and less stress on the battery pack.

Does it make science to do the upgrade? or should I stick with the DC?

Thank you!
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Are you considering using the AC-35 and the 144v controller? If so you will likely like the upgrade. The benefit is the regenerative braking and no brush dust to get things dirty. Im planning on using two AC-35 motors and 144v controllers in my VW Red Roadster. I removed the 11" Kostov Series Motor. My beastie has all around disc brakes to be sure it stops well. With the Dual AC-35 I won't need to worry about all around disc brakes. The motor you see here has been removed. I'll need to remake the motor surround and the controllers will be behind the firewall. This was a beast of a motor.
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