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AC-50 Best voltage ?

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I was looking at the AC-50 motor graphs at the power/voltage size. 108 650 amp imperial peak.pdf 144 volt 500 amp imperial peak.pdf

I am looking at the 108v and 144v. Am I reading these graphs correctly , it looks to me that there is better usable power range from the 108v than the higher 144v which seems surprising.

the 144v seems to have a lower HP and Torque but are more consistent.

I would like to get most usable power from the motor at mainly town driving so would it be better to have a 108v system?

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Am I reading these graphs correctly...
the 144v seems to have a lower HP and Torque but are more consistent.
the 50/144 peaks at 87hp and the 50/108 peaks at 75hp, so maybe.

they did a slight rewind on the 50 to make the ac51, more torque per amp (and necessarily less rpm per volt) to better match the 144 (their claim)
ac51/144 peak 88hp 144 volts 500 amps imperial peak graph.pdf

contrast to the ac51 at 108 74hp, but 150 foot pounds. 108 volt 650 amp imperial peak graph.pdf

what isn't immediately clear is why the 108 and 144 controllers don't make about the same power, 144*500=72000watts, 108*650=70200watts, but the 108 comes up a good 12-14 hp short with both motors in the peak graphs.
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