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Not just AC motors.... there are some sep-ex motors also. Mostly though, they are just standard duty 460 volt motors. There are a bunch of motors in the automotive plant that I worked in for many years.... that plant is getting scrapped out. Of course they are all industrial motors...but if some of them can be used for EV's, I may rescue them. They have already scrapped about 75 motors and have tried to sell what is left...but no takers. I would hate to see some useful stuff go to scrap. The more I look though, the more it appears that there is not much usable.

I would like to do another conversion though... but my next one will be my old MTD lawnmower this winter. :D:D I will do an AC conversion at some point. I pick up bits and pieces along the way. I'm also wanting to upgrade the truck battery pack to LiFePo this winter... but sitting on the edge regarding battery... it's a lot of coin though.

What about you?
edit... how's the Land Rover Series conversion going?
Shame there is not much useful. But not really surprising.

The land rover changed into a landcruiser. I've very little spare time, and am not really a good DIY, so the resauration proces goes very slowly. And since I definitly want AC, I can use that time to find an alternative AC drive. Since Jack R, has finaly convinced me to stay away from MES-DEA.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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