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AC Golf Cart Conversion

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I have an vehicle electronics engineering company. We mostly do instrumentation control systems for boats and work truck OEMs. Touch screen dashboards that controls lighting, pumps, stereo, etc. Electrification is the way the world is going so want to get more knowledgable. I have already done a couple projects where we created a dashboard to interface with Curtis controller

My plan right now:

Phase 1:
  • Find cheap used golf cart and rip our existing motor
  • Install AC motor with regen capability and CAN equipped controller
  • Display info using one of my dash systems

Phase 2:
  • Design my own motor controller

Just really started my research in the last week or so.
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Sounds like a good project! For a golf cart sized motor, HPEVs makes some that I think would give you a good amount of power without it being dangerous to drive around.

I might also be interested in your displays for my own conversion. I would like to be able to display battery state of charge and current draw. Have you done a dash system like that?
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