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AC induction motors in UK / Europe

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I'm in the UK and i'm struggling a little with availability of AC motors. From what I can find on ebay, almost all motors available here are identical:

* 400V for anything above 3kW
* Choice of mounts
* Single ended keyed shaft
* Integrated fan


Am I missing something, are there any options for AC motors here, particularly of lower voltage?

If not, I believe these motors will do the job, but I'm not sure what power rating I need for a 1000kg (2200lb) vehicle? I was originally thinking 30kW but now thinking thinking that this may be unnecessarily large (heavy).

dcb helpfully suggested a ac24ls, but unfortunately I do not seem to be able to find these available here.

Would anyone be able to recommend any other options for AC motors in Europe, or is the above ideal?
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I believe that induction motors for electric vehicles are re wound so that they are low voltage. This is so that they can operate at higher speeds and provide a bit more power. Industrial motors are rated for constant power and most vehicle ev motors are rated for peak power. The industrial motor you have selected will provide more power and torque for brief periods depending on how much voltage and amps you can supply it with. Search on here and you will find people who have used industrial ac motors but its not the easiest option. I suggest that you read some of the posts to get an idea of what's involved.

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