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Been on here for a month or so and I finally have something worth while to post!

RXed my adapter plates two days ago...

Here are a few pictures of dry run assembly.
Little concerned about the motor mount.. I can brace the bolt with nuts. But wonder if I shouldn't take the time to build a brace that buts up against the motor. Given the incident of the force acting on the motor I think the bolt will work fine. Just loosely adding the bolt really stiffens up the entire assembly.

  1. All batteries fit in old gas tank area
  2. Aux battery run by solar
  3. Max performance possible out of AC50
  4. Easy to maintain
  5. Platform that will enable me to build gadgets for
  6. Only have a 2 block commute but range of 20 miles is good

Plan (Note: the actual Fiero chassis is in my brother's barn about 5 hours away):
1. Clean up cradle
2. Assemble with clutch and coupler
3. Add control arm and brakes to the cradle
4. Add drive shafts
5. Build Battery tray fits between seats where gas tank once went ( think will use extruded aluminum) and mechanism to raise and lower it. See diagram below.
6. Buy O-scope on ebay.. Thinking Tek 210
7. Rx Battery's, BMS, and charger
8. Build battery pack
9. Test battery pack
10. Program controller
11. Test motor
12. Goto brothers and assemble and load on trailer... Planning a three day weekend to give plenty of time
a. Bondo battery tray area
b. Run shift and select cables
c. Install 5 spd shifter assembly
d. Install cradle and motor
e. Connect clutch
f. Test clutch
g. Mount controller ect
h. Hook up brakes
i. Hook up emergency brakes​
13. Add solar to car
14. Start working on automated charging platform

Battery Pack:
Headway QTY 136 40160S...
34S x 4P provide
960 Peak amps 640 continuous amps (controller can only handle 600)
60 aH @ 109 V nominal 129 V peak equals about 20 mile range
QTY 5 MK3x8 Digital BMS
PFC-50 charger


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