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Adapter Plate 1980 Fiat Spider

Hello Everyone!

New to the forum - what a great group of helpful people!

I am in the planning stage of a 1980 Fiat Spider conversion and the first big challenge is to figure out how to get an adapter plate for the motor to trans. The motor/drivetrain plan so far is a Hyper 9 Motor connected to the OEM flywheel/clutch/5-speed transmission for the Spider. The problem is that there do not seem to be off the shelf motor adapter/couplers for the Fiat Spider (checked CAN EV and some other places). I have looked on this forum and a few members have overcome this (specific car) by building their own - but I do not have the ability to fabricate one.

Thoughts? Would a local metal fabricator be able to do this? I'm concerned about the precision of alignment that will be needed between motor and trans/drive to not mess up the transmission. Are there people who have a model or one available?

I also see CAN EV sells "blank/generic" adapters that one then has to customize - is this a much easier route to take and have people done this?

Finally - if I go this route - are there fabricators people would recommend in Southern California who can do this?

Thanks for any help you may have!
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