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Adaptor for a golf cart motors

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Hello there
I admire your work on your golf car motor conversion on your tractor and I have a similar project I have a golf cart motor with 19 spline female shaft with 34mm OD I cannot find 34mm bearings... I don't think machining the shaft to 30mm is a good idea or using 1mm thick ring for the bearings... I came across these cylindirecal roller bearings which I can exchange out with another ring but those rings need oil .... Will you please suggest me what to do.
Should I use a single wide roller bearing with removable ring which can be modified to fit 34mm shaft and custom end cap with oil channels in it?
Or machine the shaft to 30mm and use standard sealed bearings?
Thank u in advance

This is the motor I started with for my tractor build.

My first step was to make a ply wood DE cap to test the motor.

Having proved it was working I then set about making a shaft to fit the female splines

I scored the spline dimensions using the gear wheels on the lathe as an index.

I then cut each spline using a cutting disc in a 4 1/2" angle grinder.

I then made a second shaft in the same manner but keyed to take a small sprocket.

The DE cap was then turned in aluminium.

I then bolted the mounting ring from the motor to the new DE cap. I retapped the holes to M6 and added an extra one where there was space.
Notice the sealed bearing.

I used posidrive countersunk M6x25 machine screws as I had them in stock. Cap screws would do as well.