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My adaptor arrived back home today. Now its nice and balanced and smooth. No more wobble. Problem fixed and any new adaptors will not run into this problem with aftermarket flywheels. Main problem is that the back side of the flywheel is not consistent with different aftermarket flywheels. The issue was resolved by trimming off .050 off the back side which is not critical, or perfectly flat as it does not sit on anything. But if the foot is too long then it bumps the bearing and the face that seats on the shaft is not touching properly. All new adaptor plates will have the bearing set back by .050 to allow for the different sizes of adaptor plates so this issue never arrises again. Never saw that one coming. But thankfully its resolved. These adaptors are super nice and reasonable in price. Built to last 10 lifetimes.


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I am guessing that this is VW flywheel specific?

Would the flywheel from an autoshift work as well?
As far as I know the issue is only with the air cooled VW flywheels. If mine had been a stock flywheel I may not have had that issue. It was not far off but to be sure and safe .050 was removed. That leaves plenty of room. New adaptors won't have to worry any longer. I highly doubt that any would be more than .050 off.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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