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adjust take off speed

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newbie and lucky to get this sweet ev but whats the trick to get the truck to take off more fluidly ,not jerk . whats the proper way to adjust the accelerator?
is the adjustment? anyone know who to contact to join the dallas ev club ?I cant see how I have waited sooo long to go w/the ev mechanism similar to a potentiometer.
all help greatly appreciated!! ev rocks ,gas sucks!

really appreciate the help !!
[email protected]
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Hard to help when you don't give any information what so ever. Do you have a web page or have entered your car in the garage here or on evalbum? Otherwise you could start with telling us at least what controller you have!
thanx , its logi systems automotive electronic speed controller. found info packet but still a bit concerned about adjusting the 1st time. think it best i take it to the ev dallas shop or think i can get it set so it doesnt want to chirp the tires on take off? i mean hell ,i just touch the pedal and it jerks to life .
am i doing something wrong ? after its rolling well shifting w/no clutch,no problems but taking off is an experience every time no matter how lite on the pedal i try it still jerks away froma stop and reverse gear really does it worse or seems to be worse .
plan to get more into my ev as soon as our 107-108 days are done for the year ,miserable in dallas at 108 now.
thanx for taking your time to help, really appreciate it . as soon as i get control of my ev ,i'm selling all other cars trucks .
shoot me an email and i'll send pix under hood close-ups etc.
excerpt from seller :The motor will sutain running at 190 amps continually there is a chart how long you can run at what amount of amperage. If racing this motor will take 2000 amps for 15 secs. very much torque. At that amperage it could break the drive train. The controller on the truck is a 750 amp. logi controller. it is adjustable, I have it set to deliver about 350 to 400 amps top. I try to drive it at about 40 to 190 amps
144VDC200AH 24 6V TRACTION SLA BATTERY PACK has 9"warp dual shaft
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thanx , its logi systems automotive electronic speed controller.
As far as I've understood from the forum it's a bit of a signum for Logisystems to start with a jerk.

Search the forum, I think you'll find many similar stories.
thanx ,seems you have a point .
i try to remedy by using 2nd ,much better !
now, back to feeling like a DA for not having my ev much sooner.

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