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Lo and Behold! The future is here. Yes, we're talking about the electric car. This modern marvel has actually been around for quite some time. However, it is only recently that cost effective electric cars have started getting manufactured. Unlike our fuel powered cars, these cars work on electric motors which basically rely on electrically charged batteries to function. Although they look a lot like their gas guzzling counterparts on the exterior, the interior and mechanism have a different tale to tell.

Manufactured with the intention of making environmentally friendly cars, they make for a good alternative to the cars with combustion engines. However, electric cars come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. If you're thinking of getting yourself one of these babies, you need to read on to know more about what you're signing up for.

Advantages of Driving an Electric Car

  • Cut the Cost: The cost of fuel seems to have touched an all time high in recent times. Driving fuel powered cars can surely burn a hole in your pocket if you have to keep spending on fuel. However, since this car is electric powered, you end up saving money instead. All you have to do to power it up is charge its batteries and you're good to go!

  • No Air Pollution: This ride is an eco-friendly one as it runs on an electrically powered engine as opposed to an internal combustion engine. Its engine does not emit any harmful byproducts like smoke or other emissions that pollute the environment as it runs on clean energy. Electric energy produced by thermal, wind, hydro or solar power plants do not cause any pollution either. Pretty futuristic, huh!

  • Quite the Quiet Car: Electric motors are quite capable of providing a quiet engine and a smooth drive with higher acceleration. I'm sure the acceleration bit must have come as quite a surprise to you considering how small the car is. But that's the beauty of it. It's clean, it's compact, it's quietly quite something!

  • Safety First: Safety on the road is the first priority of any sensible driver. Electric cars are pretty safe to drive. They undergo the same testing procedures as their fuel powered partners. So in the case of any collision you can expect the airbags to open up and as that happens, the impact sensors will also cut of the electricity supply from the battery, which will bring you car to a halt. This prevents the occurrence of severe injuries brought on by auto accidents, not just to yourself but also to the passengers in the other vehicle, thus saving you a lot of physical, emotional, financial, and legal grief.

  • Ownership Cost: Gone are the days when buying an electric car would mean paying a fortune for it. The modern electric car is cost-effective and at the same time it has lower maintenance cost. There was a time when the batteries that are used to power the car would be expensive, but even that is expected to get cheaper once its mass production begins.
Disadvantages of Driving an Electric Car

  • Short Driving Range and Speed: Due to limited technological advancement in this area and limited battery life, most of the electric cars can go for about 100 to 150 miles and need to be recharged again. So it cannot be considered fit for long journeys; although with newer models, this is soon expected to change.

  • Recharge Time: A normal electric car takes anywhere between 8 to 10 hours to charge up fully before it can be taken out for a spin. Hence, it may require a dedicated charging station as the recharge time is quite long. Moreover, it is not very easy to find public charging stations which might make life difficult for you should you run out of power midway to your destination.

  • Changing the Batteries: Batteries of almost all electric cars are required to be changed frequently (every 3 to 10 years), depending on the usage and type of battery.

  • Size and Seating Capacity: The small size of an electric car means that it is not meant for the entire family. Most of the electric cars available today are 2 seaters and it can get quite uncomfortable if a third person tries to squeeze in.

  • Eats into Public Power Supply: As the number of electric cars goes up, power companies can argue that recharging these cars eats into the public power supply thereby adding pressure to the electricity demand. Cities which may already be facing a short supply of power or facing power cuts might not take too kindly to this as their power supply would get hampered further.
In Conclusion
Most electric cars are sleek, sporty and futuristic in design and can make for great assets if the points mentioned as disadvantages are worked upon. In an attempt to promote the use of electric cars, Hollywood movie star Leonardo Di Caprio has recently been roped in to form is his own team of electrically powered cars in the upcoming Formula E racing championship. This should give a much needed boost to the electric car market.

It goes without saying that the wise customer will weigh his pros and cons and look at every aspect associated with this car before making a purchase. Although it can be difficult to choose between electric cars and fuel powered ones, we certainly hope that the points provided by us will help you make an informed decision.
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