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Hi, I know this is an old thread, but was just wondering if you got anywhere with the coupe? I am really keen to convert one, but am just at initial planning stages
Regards, Matt
Hi Matt,

This project is still active, but progress is slow. Since last time I posted here I've done alot more research, spoken with SFRO (the local inspection/registration agency for altered vehicles), built an electric Cafe racer motorbike and cleaned the garage

As of now my recipe looks like this:

  • Tesla front motor
  • Aftermarket control board for Tesla inverter
  • 350-400V, 20-30kWh, 600A+ battery
  • Steering column with electric servo
  • Electric water pump
  • Electric vacum pump for the brakes
  • .....

Most of the components are relatively easy to get hold of here in Sweden, apart from the battery. The Kia Soul EV battery would be a good match, but seems really hard to find.

I don't really want to raise the weight of the car, hence going for low weight/short range.

Would really appreciate suggestions on other batteries that might be a good fit for what I'm doing.
Hi there,
Thanks for the update!

You have a lovely looking coupe - looks like a 'LE' - much too nice to scrap as suggested above!!
I am stalling at the moment as I am not sure the car I have in mind is in good enough condition to start on without loads of work
Once I've resolved this, I was planning on looking into Tesla front motors as some say they will not fit, but if they do, I feel they would be perfect level of performance vs the original car...

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The ICE is almost out and I begin to see the space availiable for the tesla motor.

There does not seem to be enough room to mount the Tesla front drive unit at the same angle as it is mounted originally.

Would it be ok to tilt the drive unit forward without creating lubrication or cooling issues?
Does this mean that the small rear drive unit is no longer an option?
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