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AEM EV Looking for Leaf Conversion for Development

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Hi, I'm Lawson and I work at AEM EV. We are looking for an EV conversion that is using a motor/inverter from a 2012-16 Nissan Leaf that we can use for development. Development involves wiring in and testing our VCU and any necessary supporting electronics (possibly our BMS-18 battery management system, PDU-8 Power Distribution Unit(s) CAN Keypad, and other parts), validating torque mapping on the dyno, proper contactor sequencing, CAN bus communication and battery management integration, road testing and more. When we are done with validation and testing, all of the AEM EV components on the vehicle will remain on the vehicle, and we will return it fully calibrated and road ready.

Our R&D facility is in Hawthorne, CA, a suburb of LA. The vehicle will need to be left with us. We will put an insurance rider on it while it is in our possession, so your vehicle will be protected.

PLEASE NOTE: The vehicle must be an EV CONVERSION, we are not looking for an OE Leaf, and it needs to be between model years 2012 and 2016.

If you are interested in helping out and having your conversion outfitted with AEM EV components by us, please shoot me a message, email us at any of the emails on the Contact Us page of our website, or DM us on our socials. Thanks for reading!
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Dang! if it weren't for the model year requirements... I have been driving my EM57 Leaf Power VW Rabbit in WA for a while now using open source CAN spoofing hardware. I plan to do more Leaf conversions on more VWs so I'll be watching you guys.
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