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AEM VCU-200 anybody running it successfully

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I've been watching the AEM VCU-200 for a while now, but I haven't found anyone to successfully run it besides AEM in their black mustang and when they redid the EV West van. But I am assuming that both of those took forever to work and I am not really interested in being their guinea pig.

Is anyone running this and how hard was it to setup?
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Do you know if they are going to release the Eluminator VCU to the general public or is that also going to be locked down to the buddy club? If to the public, is there a timeframe?
Just remember you can't run the cell taps out of your multiple battery boxes...they are not fused and carry full pack voltage, safetywise.

Each box needs an isolated satellite BMS board/module.
Damien might be futher ahead reverse engineering the AEM, lol.
Why aren't you guys working with AEM support on this?
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