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AEM VCU-200 anybody running it successfully

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I've been watching the AEM VCU-200 for a while now, but I haven't found anyone to successfully run it besides AEM in their black mustang and when they redid the EV West van. But I am assuming that both of those took forever to work and I am not really interested in being their guinea pig.

Is anyone running this and how hard was it to setup?
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I don't think they have announced anything on that but I think its fair to say its in the works. I have no timeline or ETA.
Mojave, I'm interested in the Sport LDU board as well, however as an aerospace development engineer I'd love to be involved in Beta testing if you are looking for testers. My project is two sport LDUs in a 57 Chevy wagon
and is the plan to have an entirely separate board for sport units, or will this board be usable with sport units, just needs a firmware flash to do so?
I have been advised that it is only firmware to update to Sport motor. Guessing the motor BEMF is different for the higher voltage and therefore field weakening requirements are different. Something like that which means base and sport can't run the same firmware but hardware is same.

Why do you need ardunos? There is i/o onboard the VCU which can run things on a basic rig.
I was going by mojave's statement a bit back saying everything on CAN is easier, but i dont know if there are pins on the vcu200 for pwm fan control built in. If so that's pretty awesome and simplifies things
The instructions etc are available online. You'd need a PWM-capable solid state relay to handle the current of the fan
AEM CCS solution WILL consist of an add-on CCS module.
You have customers waiting :)
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