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AGM or 12v Lithium with multi-bank chargers?

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I read everything on this daily for months. The "BMS debate" is interesting with both sides being passionate about the need to balance the pack.

Here's what I am contemplating:

Build a 114v Odyssey pack or 144v lithium pack strapped into 12 volt groups. Then, Install three 4 channel multi-bank chargers. (I like the waterproof potted DualPro 4 bank, 15 amp per bank charger)

This way, I get inherent balancing at the 12 volt level. For lithium, if I have a failure it will be limited to 4 cells maximum. No shunting, BMS, or giant single charger. I was also wondering If I could install two 15 amp chargers on one 12v battery to give me 15 amps for opportunity charging and 30 amps at home when more power is available.

I wasn't able to search the term 12v lithium and am curious if anyone has treated a 12v lithium module as a single 12 volt battery.

My build is underway and I need to make a decision on battery chemistry and charging in the next week or two.
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