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Alfasud Sprint Convertion

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Hi All

Im looking into the possibility if converting a Alfasud Sprint.

I want good performance (better then original 10s 0-100kph with 106hp) but I dont need very long range. Maybe 30km will be fine.

The goal is a sporty fun car too commute too the train station and such and also just too take for a ride now and then.

Im hoping about 90hp and very nice accelleration. Top speed in the 140-160kph range.

It would be nice too be able too add a motor too the rear axle as an extra one day.

They car weight about 920kg at the curb, engine weight 108 kg according too some shifty internet info. Can I get this kind of performance and retain the original curbweight?

Im planning on removing the rear seats and using the space for batteries too center mass and keep the luggage compartment usable.

This will be a longterm build, probably several years. More for fun then practical need.

Do I need AC for a sporty feel or will DC get me some punch at the 100kph mark aswell?

What do you guys think?

Best regards
Mattias Gyllenvarg
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A good 9" DC motor and a SolitonJr and a pack of Headways will give you pretty much that. Maybe about 40ah of the 8ahPower version of the headways and about 250v would give you a good performance.

230v x 500A = 115kW electric in and perhaps about 95-100 Kw mechanical out. You will need about 400 headway cells.

It would give you a range of about 50-55 km.

it would cost you around $1900 for the controller, $1700 for the motor (Warp9) and about $5400 for the batteries.
So all and all $9000

Best Regards
/Per Eklund
Dear Per

What about the gearbox and diff?
Do you acually shift gears after conversion or just leave it in an apropriate gear for the engine too work in?

Gear ratios are

Top gear ratio 0.92
Final drive ratio 3.89
Total ratio 4,23

Standard wheels are 165/70 13

It seems 5000 rpm is max for this engine. That gives me about 120kph topspeed.

Fiddling with tires and wheels might get me too 135kph.

Does this add upp? Is the limit at 5000rpm?

Mattias Gyllenvarg
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Hi !

You would probably want to keep gearbox.
And then use only 3:rd and 4:th gear

I really dont know the max rpm of the Warp9 but I guess it is about there at 5000 rpm.

But doesn't your total ratio come to
0.92 x 3.89 = 3,5788

Which would give you a top speed of over 140kph

But please have a stop at
And we can take this in swedish if you like.....

/Per Eklund
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