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I have one controller Never used ( same as the one on the zero motorcycle DS 2011)

A perfect match with brushed motor like Agni, Mars, Etek and other DC motor.

Fully programmable. Priced 500$ on ebay and other site.

I'm asking 300$ for it

Alltrax software availlable on their website:

2 min 500 amp
5 min 350 amp
1 hour 200 amp
2 Year Factory Warranty
Type: Series wound DC motor controller
Operating Frequency: 18Khz
Throttle Input: 0-5K ohm (2-3Wire) / 5K-0 ohm / 0-1K ohm / 0-5V / 6-10VDC / ITS
Throttle Curves: Linear, Progressive, Inductive, and S-Curve
Key Switch Input voltage: 18V – nominal battery voltage
Max Voltage: 24VDC Nominal = 30VDC Max
48VDC Nominal = 60VDC Max
Quiescent current (Powered up): less than 75mA
Thermal cutback: begins at 75°C, 95°C shutdown
Programming interface: RS-232 serial to host PC with freeware Windows interface
Programmable Functions:
Throttle ramp profile, throttle response rate, plug brake on/off, plug brake current,
High Pedal Disable (on/off), battery under voltage, battery over voltage cutback,
and Half speed reverse

PM me


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Controller is SOLD

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The one I had sold for $420 shipped on Ebay. See link above.

I have a 300A, 500A, and 600A down at the shop. All 60V max.
$300 is too low for a 500A. I can do a 300A for $300 or a 500A for $380 shipped.

I dont check my PM's here - so email at MethodsTechnology at if you want to chat.

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