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Mine barely gets warm, but, I've also mounted 3ea Pentium4 heatsink & fans to the flat surface of the Alltrax 7245, and I have the highspeed fan left over from the I.C.E. days of the car, blowing air over the motor and contoller.

The ambient temperature here in the summer can hover around 110F w/80+humidity during the summer, so I try everything I can to keep all the electronics COOL.

I'd suggest adding heaksink(s) & fans at the very least.
You can buy the neodymium electric-turbos on ebay for 39.95 each--they blow air very hard-just put a varable switch on them or use several different therm temps with several different relay overides-so as it gets hotter the fan speeds up. Also I am going to put coils of 1/4 copper around my motors and my controllers to keep them cool using water cooling. Its easy to hook up a closed water/antifreeze system using a transmission cooler and single 10 inch ele fan on a therm. Using a small 12v water pump. Neogeogray
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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