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no I remember saying that

1.0 I would concede if wrong and admit it,

2.0 would say overwhelming success not share actual results because you guys wouldn't believe it anyways.

3.0 Or say it wasn't a failure but wasn't very promising like very few miles captured.

just wait until Zenn Car setup. And you guys will not get much info , probably more from when dcb stalks my facebook page like he has been obsessed with.
Anyways have one question need clarification someone said need to isolate each ground on 12v volt charging alternator , so 6 batteries 12 volts in series but actually charging in parallel? this shouldn't be a problem as long as each 12 volt battery got 12 volts from + / - cable and still wired again in parrellell

or were you saying if I connected 6 of the 7 alternators in series to get the 72 volts that it would short out that I believe
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