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Amazing Growth- A 33 day snapshot of DIYelectriccar

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Just out of curiosity I thought it might be interesting to record to statistics of DIY electric car, since it seemed like it was growing pretty fast. After just a month of fairly sporadic recording of the threads, posts, members and active members I found the results pretty surprising. If you're interesting in statistics or just want to see how the website is going then check out these numbers (and excuse my dodgy excel graphs)...

Over the past 33 days that I have been recording has experienced some pretty amazing results. On the 6th of April the forums had 362 active members, just over a month later and there are 508. That's a 40% jump in the past 33 days with an average of 4.4 new active members per day. Total members is interesting reading as well which increased from 1,028 members to 1,390 in the same time period, close to 11 new members per day. At first I was fairly surprised at the turnover rate indicated by the difference between to two stat's, but I realised it is pretty consistent with what we find on the website. There is quite a lot of members who enquire about electric cars with unreasonable expectations and decide that they don't want a conversion after all. Nevertheless the core members of the website from personal observation seems to be growing consistently as well, we've currently got 23 senior members (100+ posts) and 51 members (30+ posts). A recent poll on the site found that 57% of respondents had either started or were driving in their EV conversions. In terms of activity on the forums:

As you can see the number of posts per day is pretty consistent at 172 per day, which is pretty impressive. There has also been about 49 new threads a day which is much more than I expected. The wiki has had 12 new topics written by quite a few different people, something I'm very proud of too.

I hope you have found these statistics as interesting as I have. I have no idea what is good or bad growth for forums but I am encouraged by what has been experienced over the past month. World oil prices might of had something to do with it but I'd like to think that the knowledge and friendliness of our members has gone a long way. Thanks to all the members for their contribution and lets keep thinking of new ways to improve in order to make it as easy as possible for people to get their own EV grin!
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