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Amp Electric drive?

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O.K. can't find the pics, but lets put it this way.

Recently found out about Amp Electric Vehicles which is located in Cincinnati, Ohio......right next door to me.
They sell a few vehicles, one of which is a Chevy Equinox, which is powered by two ac motors direct drive. They have the motors latched together mounted in place of the differential each powering a rear wheel.

What I want to find out is this. How are they arranged? They cannot possibly be doing this without some kind of reduction, but two motors side by side each connected to a separate drive shaft to each rear wheel. I don't see how there is room enough for a reduction gear.

They claim a top speed of 90mph and a range of 150 miles while costing less than 50 grand.
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For a reduction gear, all they need is something like a planetary gear system on the shaft. The "Depth" of that gear system is only about two inches or so, so it wouldn't add all that much length to the motor.
AMP uses the HVH250 motor from Remy. Awesome motor if Im allowed to say such things. :D Its number one on my want list.

Does amp sell its transmission also as separate modules for Diy EV'ers?

Does amp sell its transmission also as separate modules for Diy EV'ers?

you should contact them and ask...I have contacted them my self and was told that their battery and bms is too complicated for diyers...but may be you should ask them if they are willing to sell only the motor and controller combo...I imagine if they receive enough individual inquiries they might be willing to sell to us
This is it

Remy HVH250 motor + planetary gear reduction.
Do they have only one or two controllers ?


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The part that makes it very difficult is the fact that new drive-axles (is that the right word for it?) must be made or found. Each car has its own length of suspension travel. Maybe they are right when its harder than strapping a motor to an existing gearbox. However, getting the motors to tick over should be rather straight forward. Unless their hall/ motor-position sensors are protected by a propritairy protocol. This would not stop a diy-er from directly interfacing to the hall-sensors though.

I just want that HVH250. 300+ nm torque, and a dynamic range of 0 to 13k rpm's in 1st gear with a manual transmission would redefine the word 'interesting'.



PS: Ill try to contact AMP next week.
Interesting to say the least. Thank you for finding that picture, I don't remember where it was I saw it. I would love to tour their facility. I live in Columbus, Ohio. They are in Cincinnati, so they are really close. Setup may or may not be to complicated for DIYers, but it would surely be prohibitively expensive for most of us.
I would like to know myself how they kept the price down under 50 thousand dollars.
I would like to know myself how they kept the price down under 50 thousand dollars.
That's the easy part to figure out. First, you supply a donor vehicle (minimum about $20k right now in a quick search). Next they remove the ice parts, which THEY KEEP (and presumably sell). That's probably $5k in parts or more. If they are buying in volume, the motors are probably no more expensive than the money they recoup for parts, so you are left with batteries, controllers, peripherals, and installation for $50k out of your pocket. Assuming they get a volume discount on batteries, too, they will make out well.

At the end you will have paid over $70k. The Phoenix was supposed to run around $60k for fleets - this is right in line.
there have been discussions on this forum about these motors...

we concluded that you could very well buy the GM Tahoe EV transmission for I think it was 2500$ (with a 3000$ core charge) so 5500$. The transmission is suppose to include two Remy 250 motors, not sure if they are the H models..2750 each is still a very good deal for these motors. The problem is finding and getting an inverter to work and extract the potential from the motors, without breaking the bank....
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