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amphibious 4x4?

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I am considering a scratch built amphibious 4x4 EV with the following minimum requirements:

-300 lbs cargo plus two people
-road-worthy (ie can get it through Connecticut DMV inspection)
-land range 40 miles at top speed 50mph
-water speed a few knots
-climb up a sandy beach
-salt water operation in calm waters

My thoughts are to build a fiberglass hull with in-wheel submersible hub motors attached to the hull with 4x4 coil suspension from a donor 4x4 vehicle.

If I can't find suitable motors (which is why I'm posting this) then I guess plan B would be to modify a 4x4 EV truck kit to be salt-water proof and integrate with the hull.

Heard of anyone that has done something like this?

Any other ways to approach this?

(yes, we do have a boat)
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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