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Hi, I posted an album with pics of these amphibious vehicles. They can also be seen on my homepage. The ones pictured swam underwater by aux propellors. We are creating 2 more for part of a wounded warrior event. I am planning on having just forward and just one very slow speed to keep it simple. A simple on and off knife switch. I am using 300 amp batteries for lawn tractors as we will only travel about 100' on land then switch to small trolling motors. I just came back from arcing out onto the S2 terminal as SEPEX motors, are new to me. Did I fry it? These are Club Car DS chassis. We are also making them handicapped accessible so wounded warriors can drive them. I can livestream a camera at if you need to see things to advise me. Email me if you think you can help me figure out how to waterproof this. I am thinking about keeping positive air pressure to 10 psi in the vent to prevent water in the differential and covering the motor with rustoleum truck bed liner after taping over the holes in the engine body. Remove all electronics and use a waterproofed solonoid controlled by a 12v knife switch. I need simple and cheap, but mostly cheap. If you are in Atlanta, I am in Cumming north of Atlanta and I would welcome the help. It is for a great cause. And, if you help, you get to drive them underwater in our 12' pool.
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