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Amps rms Curtis 1239E-8521 Controller vs. hpevs ac 35x2

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Hi all

I own a 1971 volkswagen baywindow and i am toying around with the idea for electric conversion.
So i am looking at the hpevs ac-35x2 combo with the curtis controller at 144 volts.
I will need approx 34 kw continous @ 4000 rpm for my build (to get approx. 100km/h on highways) and this motor seems up to the task.

Now performance graphs for the motor state ca. 375 amps rms continous @ 4000 rpm. However the controller says 135 arms continous. Even with the dual controller setup in this system that is not enough for continous drive @ 34 kw. Or what am I missing?

Appreciate any thoughts...


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