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An all electric motorcycle

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Hey there,

I am working on my first all electric build. I need help choosing the right motor. How do I calculate the torque power and all that stuff? Also which motor type should I use? DC or AC or IPM.. As far as I researched on the internet IPM seems to be the right choice. But I am not able to find manufacturers for these motors. What voltage should I run the motor at? A higher voltage means a less amp for the same power,right? Does that mean I get extra miles for the same battery pack?

How do I calculate the torque,power and other stuff of a motor which should satisfy these :

Weight of the motorcycle: 150-165 Kg (or) 330-363 lb
Weight with load : 300-320 Kg (or) 660-705 lb
Top Speed : 170 KMPH (or) 105 MPH

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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