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Hello All!

I'm Tam. A bit about myself... I have previously completed a trades program in auto mechanics and another for collision repair. I have taken 1 course in hybrid repair/maint. ( I didn't find my way into the auto field, but petrochem operations.

I have a 1977 Celica coupe (AT) with the motor out and am thinking about going electric, or converting a Porsche or another small vehicle like a Honda CR-Z? I find it silly that there are no affordable small electric cars. "Why not build a leaf in a roadster format?" or just build an electric CR-Z or 1st Gen Honda Insight? Etc.

I'm guessing older vehicles are easier to work with as they don't have engine management systems to deal with, but I have questions like, "Is it possible to keep the automatic transmission?" I looked into electric conversions about 5-7 years ago when I was in school and it seemed like manual was the norm.

I often half-ass attempts at things, but given guidance and direction (manuals) I've done things like replaced a torque converter in a 2003 Honda Accord, a clutch job for the collision instructor's SIL Ford Ranger, replaced an automatic transmission in a Jaguar with a friend, swapped a transmission valve body in a 2007 VW Rabbit, in addition to regular maintenance on my truck.

I'm hoping I can gain knowledge in the plausibility of my interests and helping other along the way if possible.
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