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Another newbie joins:

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Gary, from Mount Vernon, NY. (Entrepreneur usually labeled as "eccentric" by those who know me. )
I want to try out a number of conversions with my friend who has an Auto Repair Shop. Hoping to make some commuter transport, small delivery or cool inner city transport type machines. I'm looking for a "cosmic view" of the industry. This means being able to convert not just cars, but dirt bikes, motorbikes and cycles, trikes, scooters, boats, meter maid carts, ATV's, etc. Also, converting some of those into the others.
Read the Wicki, but still have lots of questions. Maybe some can be converted to Wicki entries.
My first question: is there a list of MOST potential sources of Used DC motors and usable batteries? I shop bankruptcy auctions and you'd be surprised what turns up. For example, lots of forklifts, walkies and power pallet jacks. Are any material handling machines other than forklifts able to provide motors (large or small) for any of the above? Batteries: Military surplus batteries? TelCo batteries? What about computer UPS batteries? Lots of them (Universal Power Supply) are available at corporate auctions. I figure I can buy up whole "lots" and sell the excess on the internet.
2) What kind of equipment can I get (used) that will have the other things needed: controllers, DC-DC converters, chargers, dials, gauges, potentiometers,
3) How old (used) is too old (used)? For example, don't buy any (fill in part name here) built before (XX) year, because...
4) Ive seen lists of donor cars that are usable. How about a list of ones that, in retrospect, should not be used?

Many more thoughts in my mind, this is just the start.
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I too am only starting out on this forum, but I have some measure of technical and practical knowledge with which I may sometimes provide useful advice. The quantities of EVs to be manufactured by major auto companies is grossly inadequate for the demand but conversion of used cars to Electric can help meet the demand, so it isn’t stifled as it was in 1991 – 1993 when GM built and leased the EV-1 then crushed them despite demand. I am opening a Electric Vehicle Vocational School for adults who LOVE car work. Some who want jobs at existing auto shops and some who want to open their own electric auto shop. This can be the Career of Today and the Future. The Tampa Tribune newspaper called Electric Auto Conversions and Service, “The Fastest Growing Segment of the Automobile Trades, today.” Below are some details about how I intend to organize and operate this EV Vocational School, I hope you can take some time and read it over, I am in need of Positive Reinforcement; Endorsements and Especially Investors.
Sincerely Yours,
Dennis Lee Miles

Electric Vehicles were the “Right Choice” more than a Century ago, and they are the “Right Choice” for Today and the Future!

The New Electric Vehicles will need service too! A majority of owner/drivers of EVs at this time treat their EV as a hobby. But, the next generation of owners will be drivers who do not want to play "Electro-mechanic.”
We are going to need "Service" Businesses to care for their EVs for owners who, probably don’t look under the hood of their ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) auto either. We won’t have the scheduled oil and filter changes, but, they will need periodic: monthly, or quarterly, battery analysis, testing each cell, often 130 or more cells, and other checks which were usually done during an “oil and filter change.” Tire checks and service, the checks of suspension, steering, brakes, universal or “CV” joints and boots, fluid levels: including brake fluid and coolant if used, belts and hoses, wiring insulation and connections, and minor adjustments as may be needed. And this is just a summary listing, we cannot expect an EV to just be washed weekly and recharged nightly and run nearly 100,000 miles without any other “Preventive Maintenance,” as some advertising seems to indicate. If no one will fix an EV except Dealers, would you buy a used one? Chevy has announced only one EV Tech for four (4) dealerships. And Toyota has NONE ! What is their plan? Skip the Preventive Maintenance and get the repair work later? A better alternative is needed. We want to help create the “Alternative.” A lot of good “Conversion Specialty Shops” are needed now and in the next few years they will become “EV Service Centers,” and if the facility is unsuitable for drive in business, (Zoning?) perhaps they can outfit a van as a “Mobile Servicer” with battery analysis equipment, grease gun, jacks, and other necessary items and do service at customers home or work sites, like “Mobile Mechanic” and “Mobile Auto Glass” shops do now. And we need hundreds or thousands more of them, throughout the USA, several in every city and large town.
The demand for Electric Vehicles is growing, a few individuals are converting used automobiles to Electric, and these Converted Vehicles are in demand, usually at prices much higher than the car’s original retail price. So there is a Proven Demand, for at least the next several years, until Used Models produced by Major Manufacturers become available. We will be teaching the best ways to perform those Conversions. But, others ask, ”Who will fix them?” You can be “The One!” Some Hybrid owners have added to the battery capacity and installed a charger to make their own “Plug in Hybrid E. V.” Who will make these modifications for drivers who can not do it themselves? And who will repair them? Are you going to be “The One?” Someone will, the demand and their income are going to be growing rapidly. This is a Career for Today and the Future! Get in, while you can, or you will be a consumer and pay others to do it for you. The Future we have all been awaiting, is quickly approaching, don’t be late and find yourself Left Out!

You have to Want it, Learn it, and Do it, to make it happen.

The Electric Vehicle Technical Institute Inc. is where the Electrical Technology of the first successful automobiles, of the Eighteenth Century, meets the highly sophisticated Technology of the Twenty First Century. This is Hands-on training with each Trainee gaining the knowledge and experience from Several Hands-On, actual Electric Vehicle Conversions. We believe doing the actual tasks is a better and more effective way to learn when compared to watching a video. Also there will be “Small Group Instruction,” with Textbooks and Lectures, to explain what, why, and how it works, for every aspect of Electric Vehicle Conversion, Troubleshooting, Repair, Servicing, Upgrade or Modification. In addition, Mentoring will be utilized by the Instructors, in assisting individual Trainees, all of a Trainee’s questions will be answered and the answers explained as many times as needed from differing viewpoints until understood.
Each trainee will be expected to make a commitment, to participate in teams with other trainees on several Electric Vehicle projects. Participation and specific responsibilities will be different on each project, so each trainee gains a variety of experience.
You will start in a Class on SAFETY and basic systems for Electric Vehicles, along with an introduction to metal working and welding, and the proper safe use of hand and power tools.
On the First of multiple Hands-On projects you will be teaming with more experienced Trainees performing actual conversions from internal combustion engine, ICE, to electric, EV. And continuing with classes too, when you have had some experience, you will be motivated to learn more.
Then, in other projects you will be an experienced trainee, guiding the other less experienced trainees in EV Conversions. On your last Project, you will be leading and working from beginning to finish, and you will be invited to purchase that EV when it is complete, graded, and approved for sale by the teaching staff. Then if you sell it you may make up to $10,000 Profit!
Class and “Hands-on” schedule is Weekdays from 08:00 am to 05:30 pm. With teams of trainees working on cars, each session is about one month. These hours can be Personalized, to fit your availability during the day. Also an Evening / Weekend schedule is available Mondays 6:00pm to 11:00pm, Wednesdays 6:00pm to 11:00 pm, Saturday 9:00am to 2:00pm - break – 3:00pm to 8:00pm. Each Evening session is about 8 weeks long. Training takes 160 Classroom and “Hands-On” hours.
Books and other instructional materials will be made available for purchase at the “Institute Book Store.” Books will be On-Hand when you want them, at reasonable “Discounted” prices. No waiting for weeks for an online bookseller to ship them.
Mentoring will be provided as requested by trainees or when an Instructor observes it is needed. Instructors will always be present, in the shop, to assure SAFETY, answer questions, advise, instruct, or demonstrate as needed.
The Course is 160 hours long, with closures for Family Holidays. Tuition is only $3,000. Hands-On fees are only $2,000. You will need a personal set of mechanics hand tools. We will provide you with a suggested list. And you can convert an S-10 a Jeep or another approved vehicle, as the last EV project you work on, if you want to keep it pay for the price of the materials and components and the batteries or the Institute will sell it, to buy more parts, for other student projects.
Consider this: for a lot less than you would have to pay to have a shop convert a car to electric, you can learn what, where, why, and how and gain “Hands-on” Experience by participating in several conversions of cars to electric, and practice repairing them too. And you can purchase the one you worked upon and supervised from start to finish for our low price. This is a far better situation than many other enthusiasts who’s first E. V. conversion was done in a canvas covered, muddy, corner of their backyard, and took up to Five years, working alone, trying to follow a book, that explained only 30% of the tasks. Instead, you have an enclosed shop, major tools, assistance, expert advice, all included. And as a Graduate we will grant you a preference if you decide you want to be a “Franchise.”That is why we include “Entrepreneurship!” from the “SBA” as a class.
The “Electric Vehicle Technical Institute” is opening soon in the Tampa Bay Region. It is being founded by an Experienced Vocational Educator, Dennis Lee Miles, with 20 years experience in classroom and hands-on teaching of Electricity, Electronics and Electromechanical, along with 30 years of Electronic repair and considerable automobile and truck repair experience. He was a Certified Professional Adult Vocational Electronics Teacher from 1981 to 1998, and from 1999 to 2002, and a Certified Special Education Teacher, 2003 to 2005, by the State of Florida, Department Of Education. He earned a Bachelor of Science at F. I. U. in Miami, in 1975, and served in the Air Force from 1966 to 1971.

Dennis Lee Miles (Director)
Electric Vehicle Technical Institute
Call (863) 289 – 0690
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