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Another possible donor bike...

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I've found another potential donor. Its a 1984 Suzuki GSX250. I've emailed the guy to find out exactly what's wrong with it and for the dimensions of the engine area to see if my batteries will fit. What do you think? Seem alright?
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looks great, for a smaller motor like an Etek....

just make sure that its got a clear title....
Yeah I'm going with the Mars ME0709 @ 72V, I'm just hoping its big enough to fit my lithiums in... we'll see what the owner says about the sizes. Its still got rego which is a good sign too, you have to pass Rego (road worthiness check) every year here in Sydney.
It seems to be a tidy complete bike. It's a bit old though but I suppose It all depends on whether it's the type of bike you want. $500 bikes in this class are pretty common but not normally this tidy.
another thing to consider too, is weight, thats a steel frame, but its also small... Not sure if you like sport bikes, but they can be cheap, and some of the 1986 and newer bikes are aluminum... and it will lighten things up a bit. And it doesn't rust.

Just something to consider.
Matt, Whats your budget for a donor?

I found this

or this

They might end up a fair bit higher but it's a big jump up though quality wise
Those would be perfect if they weren't in Brisbane, my budget is up to $1000 but I would like to be able to see/measure them before I bought them and I don't really know how much shipping would be interstate. Its encouraging to see the kind of sports bike I want for sale though...
Possibly a much more suitable find, almost exactly the same as the El Ninja bike. A 1990 Kawasaki GPX250, could do with more photos but hopefully I can negotiate down to $750 or so.
seems like a good bike... let us know how it goes.

what motor are you thinking?
Mars ME0709 72V 300A PM pancake.
they sure are cheaper than the old etek used to be, I mean, under 500 for the new ones, but the old etek was consistantly above 550 USD.

One reason I went with a 6.7".... more bang for the buck. But if I were to do it now, 250cc bike and an etek no doubt!
The original bike had 27kW peak (at 11 000 rpm!) and I'll have about 22kW but much more consistently (and with much more torque) so I should be able to match the existing performance especially with light lithiums.
I wonder how much it costs to ship a motorbike interstate? I've seen 3 great bikes in brisbane and 1 in melbourne, but the first bike I linked here sold (I was going to inspect it today =() and the second bike is on the sunshine coast but they decided it would be fun to post it on!!! Ah well patience, it seems, is required.

I'm also thinking of buying this prius which may slightly postpone the motorbike plans... we'll see what happens.
More commuter style bikes:
They would probably be great for a 48V conversion but I don't think I will fit 72V worth of batteries in there... Where are all the sports bikes!
The LTD would bwe cool.:)
Dunno about the XS tho, a bit "ordinary"
OMG i'm like a kid in a candy store! I've had a motorbike search but it wasn't picking any of these up for some reason! I'm currently winning on the gsxr400 with $239
Are you bidder 13 by any chance?
I'm winning at the moment with $495...
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