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Another possible donor bike...

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I've found another potential donor. Its a 1984 Suzuki GSX250. I've emailed the guy to find out exactly what's wrong with it and for the dimensions of the engine area to see if my batteries will fit. What do you think? Seem alright?
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VICTORY!!!!! My electric motorbike has officially started for $495!!!
In my best BORAT voice

Great Success!!!Very nice:)
I don't think shafties in general make good candidates, unless you're willing to completely replace the swingarm assembly in the process.

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I know its kind of off topic but recently I have been thinking about how some v-twin choppers and race bikes have 100+ hp and if this was possible with electricity. I know the killacycle has alot, but does anyone know how much? Is it DC, and what motor did they use? And lastly, how much would that cost?
I actually thought about a Buell too... they're belt drive, right? That thing would be as silent as it could get. Not a bad looking bike either. Lots of aftermarket for lightening it up.
Ya it would be silent, but what about changing that back sprocket up? Since most EV builds change up the back sprocket to a 72 tooth, how hard would it be to change a belt drive up so that the rear is bigger then normal. I think it might be too much trouble.
what about 98 cbr900rr. I have a line on one and It might be over my price range, but I was wondering if any of you have had any experience with them?

thanks again for all your input(s)
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