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another Tesla Model S battery opened...tesla date codes?

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I disassembled another battery, supposedly from a 2016 car...

Inside I found the older type (as far as I know) bms boards...does anyone know of multiple revision boards used at the same time? or have I bought an older battery...

What brings the next question, does anyone know where a production date can be found and read?

The modules have aluminium side 'guides' where others have plastic:

And it had a pyrofuse:
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There will be some date codes on the chips on the cell monitoring boards that may help rule it in as a late model.

Also on the Tesla Motors Club forum there is a thread where folks are tracking the model numbers with vintage and serial number, i.e. 1091441-0-E, so a search there may help put it into which quarter of the production year it was made.

That's the first tesla pyrofuse i've ever seen and they were never even discussed a couple of years ago when i spent more time following those cars. i lost interest after spending time helping crack CAN id codes, then the factory realized what people were doing and they changed the codes.
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