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So, I saw a good deal on an Audi battery and decided to gamble. However, the logistics of getting the thing into my garage are going to be... interesting. I think I'm going to end up trying to disassemble it on top of a rented Home-Depot flatbed in my driveway. I'll basically be stripping modules so I can drag the empty tray, and pallet, off the truck.

I was wondering if anyone knew any specifics about the pack. Based on the advertising, pictures of the pack, and some word-of mouth, it seems like the pack and modules should be somewhat similar Jaguar I-Pace and relatively easy to teardown. However, any specific information people know would be helpful. My general plan is:

1) Remove the cover on the rear shelf.
2) Disconnect the 5 modules on the rear shelf and tape up the exposed connectors. This should break the battery's circuit and minimize the risk of a short (split the battery into two separate strings of half the modules with positive and negative on opposite ends of the battery).
3) Remove the front junction box
4) Remove the battery pack cover
5) Disconnect all of the modules
6) Unbolt and remove modules. Curse profusely about thermal glue (if the same as the i-Pace). Any tips from someone who has pulled an I-pace battery apart?
7) Harvest the rest of the pack for later reuse. Notionally, the disconnectors and BMS harness should be reusable, even if the BMS modules aren't (yet). Is there anything specific I should be looking for?

Regardless of how it goes, I plan to take pictures and report back. It may take a week or so, I'm still working on shipping details. If the teardown is successful, I'll also try and see if the module BMS connector pinout matches the i-pace batteries on
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