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Any suggested projects?

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I fix and repair hybrid and electric cars. I have got some Prius, and Camry by rid battery packs kept in my workshop.

They are all rated at 7.2V per modules, with a capacity of 6500mA.

Can anyone suggest any project I could embark upon with those batteries.?

If I were to convert a Nissan Micra to an electric car, or a HEV, what do I need, and what should I look out for?

Thanks for the help guys.
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those types of batteries really aren't big enough for a pure EV, and those are designed to cycle across a fairly narrow range of SOC, further reducing their useful capacity.

If you could put together enough modules in series/parallel arrangment to get 72v at 65ah, you would have enough for a small motorcycle. 48v and ~20ah is enough for an E-bike project.

another possibility is an off grid storage array, if for example you have a shed or small outbuilding you could set up with solar and use to charge the batteries and power the building.

However these days, a few leaf or chevy volt modules depending on the form factor that fits best would do the job a lot better.

good luck.
Thanks for your replies.
I'm really interested in the grid thing.
Do you have any ideas how I could power a small house, using those battery pack.

I already have a 1000W inverter, with a 220V supply from the grid.

How do I go about this project?

Can't I setup those pack using an inverter, without using the solar?
Can't I setup those pack using an inverter, without using the solar?
If you want to buy energy when it is cheaper (off-peak), and use it when you need it (often on-peak), you might save a bit of money... but remember that a significant fraction of the energy you buy will be lost to inefficiency in the charger, batteries, and inverter so overall it might not reduce your cost at all. That's with free hardware; it you are paying for hardware, the economics seem unlikely to work.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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