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anybody here converted an ISETTA?

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I got an isetta last week for free (OK, lot of work need to be done).
if somehow possible (economic) I would love the idea of converting this to an EV (range 40km, speed 60km/h).

thanks for your help

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Here is a video of the Harrington BB electric Isetta. They make all kinds of parts for Isettas in Vietnam. Here is a webpage about their electric efforts.

I contacted Harrington before, but the won't sell any conversion kits (they also do not offer any support).

I saw some threads here in the forum about willing to convert an isetta. But I guess nobody did the step to start ...

Or is there anybody out here who started or even finished an Isetta Conversion??

THANKS for your input

I converted an Isetta ten years ago. Where are you?
I converted an Isetta ten years ago. Where are you?
Hi Penman,

My Isetta and I stay in Austria.
Wow, that's great, you are the first person converted an Isetta after searching for 4 month.

I am really interested in how you did it, about used components, details on motor mount, batterie placement, axle-load,...

thanks for your message

At the time the best available batteries were lead/acid Gates technology. I used 48 volts and a Lynch motor driving the rear wheel by a toothed belt. It accelerated quickly to about 35mph and had a range in excess of 30 miles. It is based on a grp replica and is still in my garage. Would you like it? The batteries are dead obviously and would be best replaced by lithium now.

my email is [email protected]
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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