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anybody recognize this motor? should i check it out?

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hello and thanks for having me here.
i want to build a EV car and have yet to purchase anything.
saw this EV car not too many hours away from me.
the seller does not know anything about it but says it is 120v.
there are no batteries or speed controller.

he is accepting offers on the whole non running vehicle. the car itself is more of a burden than a asset IMO. but he is willing to sell the motor and transmission separately.

i am wanting to know if it is worth my time to pull it out of this vehicle and any idea what is a good price to get it for?

I intentionally neglected to post more information about the vehicle because i don't want others to find it, and beat me to it.


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I don't recognize the motor - but it looks about the right size and the adapter looks quite well made

If it is going for a steal - get it!

I would take the whole car - there will probably be some other EV bits on it
Cables, connectors, fuses, contactors, instruments - all bits that cost

Take everything EV related and everything else that looks useful before getting the scrappers to take the car away

How much?
At $500 I would snatch it - and I'm a well known cheapskate
That is good enough for me.
I will go check it out Saturday.

I can make my own lithium battery packs and might be able to follow plans for a diy speed controller. but making all the existing electronics on a obd vehicle function properly might be a bit much for me to tackle.

I have hopes of finding a older car. something from the 70's or older to put this in.

I really have no idea what i am doing :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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