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I bought From Foshan Uni - 30kw Electric Pmsm Motor Motor Controller Kit For Electric Car And Boat - Buy 30kw Electric Car Motor,Electric Motor For Boat,Kit Electric Car 30kw Motor Product on

He says it is a 30 KW motor but I suspect it is rated 17kw and perhaps 25kw starting off on a cold day. The Guy Tony is a very dishonest guy but he is no different than all of the sellers on Alibaba -

I like the motor it is only 30KG and the controller is state of the art - I have a few weeks to go before I can test drive my 800 KG 1986 Honda City Convertible but I have run the motor in the car up on the jacks and it seems quite OK.
Hello Kevin. I am also working with Tony @ Foshan Uni on Alibaba. So far he just reads my messages but is not responding. But I'm being patient because it is 1am there at the time of writing. I'm looking at the same listing, but for a 50kw, or possibly one of their 70kw kits for a lightweight Ford truck I'll be converting. Can you offer any advice for me before I purchase? In what ways was Tony dishonest with you?
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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