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You are right.
I can't imagine it being a thing. As range increases the need to fast charge decreases as you typically are not depleting your entire pack every time you go somewhere.
First generation Leaf owners are essentially doing that very thing, and are depleting their packs on almost every significant outing.

I have a S and a 3 in Ontario that share a single 48A Tesla charger that could just as easily be installed in a home with a 100A panel and still run the stove but maybe not the dryer.
Right, but as range incrases (larger batteries) it takes longer to recharge at home. 120-200 kwh Rivian and Hummer EV owners are going to be surprised when the run the battery down to 10% and plug in at home and the ETA is 24+ hours.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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