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anyone know about the audi etron quattro battery pack?

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anyone messed around with one?
any known dimensions?
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This model is too new for there to be much of a salvaged parts supply, so I would be surprised if anyone is using one.

There may be variations, but the Audi e-tron information that I noted is for a 2019, from this article:
Audi details battery for 2019 e-tron electric SUV

It has a nominal capacity of 95 kWh with an unusually high nominal voltage of 396 V, resulting from the use of 36 modules in series, all 3S4P (for an overall 108S4P, versus the more common 96S arrangement). Of course you can use fewer modules for a lower overall voltage... 11 volts (nominal) per module, with 240 Ah capacity (so 2.64 kWh of energy stored per module).

Overall pack size is apparently 5.3' W x 13.4" H x 7.5' L, weighing 715 kg (1,573 pounds). My guess is that the modules are the common VDA 355 size, which are about 356 x 152 x 108 mm and about 12 kg each; they are apparently made by LG. The modules are cooled (or heated) by a plate under them with circulating fluid.

These modules seem perfectly workable to me; similar modules are sold by EV conversion retailers.
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