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Anyone used this motor: HPDM-250 from H3X

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Interesting specs:
Integrated controller.
Planetary gearbox can be added.
Datasheet attached. Spec is rated from 200V, wondering if I could run it on 100V.
Would consider for my motorbike, currently using HPEVS AC-23:

Are they for sale already ? Any idea of price ?


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I agree that the peak power duration is not long enough to be useful in an aircraft. While the optional planetary gearbox could make it suitable for a conventional propeller, I suspect that the intended application is some sort of multirotor VTOL or a design with several small propeller across the wingspan. Of course that doesn't matter in a motorcycle, but it raises suspicion regarding the integrity of the company.

The package could be appealing, and the continuous power density seems implausible, but the single most interesting feature to me is "3D printed copper stator coils". Really? These are their "AMcoils"; it makes sense electrically and magnetically, but the production process sounds expensive.

H3X said:
The specifications are estimates based on electromagnetic, thermal, and structural simulations. Data from dynamometer will be available late 2021.
Translated, this means that everything is estimated from a computer model, and not even one prototype has been built. It will be interesting to see if it ever becomes real.
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