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Anyone using Porsche Taycan modules on a conversion?

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I am thinking of buying some for my car, but because of the bms they need to be cut with a grinder to access the individual cell voltages.
A small window may be a better alternative to cutting the complete side of the module.
What is your experience with these modules?

6S2P 120Ah

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There are similar modules in an eTron, I recently bought some. Cell taps are analogue so can be connected directly to an Orion BMS,
here's my info thread LG Chem 3S4P 4KE.915.591.J and 4KE.915.591.H Battery...

They are not similar at all. If you want to achieve a high system voltage in a smaller size, you want the 6s from the Taycan or other alternatives and the LG modules will be less useful at 3s.
I used these LG modules and they are fine, but only 3s

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Hi I am looking into Taycan batteries. Do both the 79.2 kw and 93.4 kw rely on the same LG Chem sachets?
Have Porsche made any changes since the issues over in the states relating to overcharging cells and falling range?
Also anybody know who makes the charging system used in Taycan, can they be sourced?
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