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Anyone want some free CANbus Elcon Chargers? (Sydney Area)

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You all might remember me from this thread...

It turns out, those chargers really were the wrong choice for the boat. They got WAY too hot for the tight space in the boat, and it seems that one of the 1500W boards did itself in from the heat.

So we're replacing them with a pair of 100A Victron Skylla-i chargers, which is what I almost went with in the first place and should have. They're designed for marine use, have fans instead of giant fins, etc.

In the mean time, I've got these great big Elcon units I need to dispose of. I see little market value for 6Kw worth of chargers with a wonky 1500W board. But the units are largely functional, if big, heavy, and awkward.

We're down in Sydney now, anchored in Blackwattle Bay over by the fish market.

If anyone is project inclined and wants to tinker with them, come and get them. Save me trying to figure out how to get rid of them.
Best bet is to email me at bporter (AT) sailevenstar DOT com. A message to this board might go unnoticed, though I'll chec back in here.

Elcon 6KW charger, 220V in, 24V out. CAN Bus enabled.
It consists of four TCCH-1K5W-BL Ver 3.2 boards in two cases which originally were in one unit, and can screwed back together into a single unit (see the above thread for that happy nightmare).

We're trying to leave the country for good in the next week or so, so don't dawdle or I'm going to have to dress up in black and make a commando trash raid and ditch these thing next time it's council pickup in Glebe.
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