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I dont Need Reverse (Build with gearbox)
Idea is Connect the amatur side from sevcon to the amatur with series field there. And the shunt field (Compound winding) to the field h Bridge of sevcon. Only regen Should be in possible.
Diagram omitted.
Hi Den,

First off, can you change the settings in the Sevcon? I've found that to be a real problem with older Sevcons.

Then, the shunt field in a compound motor, or in a shunt motor, is designed for line voltage. In SepEx motors, the field is designed for, typically, like maybe 20% of line voltage so it can be over excited.

Then, also, connection as you outlined will have the series field bucking the shunt field during attempted regeneration.

If you can in fact modify the Sevcon parameters, I would think rewinding the 4 field coils is preferred.

Good luck,

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