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The world is on the edge of their seats waiting for the next big innovation by Apple, and rumors have been floating around about an Apple car, which has the car industry up in arms. No one seems to know if it is just a rumor or if Apple is really hiring engineers for an automotive project. Would it be that big of a surprise if the rumors were true? Apple never ceases to amaze the world. The question is, would an Apple vehicle hurt the business of the rest of the car industry?

Is Apple a threat to the car industry

Sales always fluctuate in every business, and maybe the Apple car will cause sales to go down for other car brands, but it is too early to really determine if Apple is an actual threat to the other brands. Some companies are naturally worried, but big name, Mercedes, has yet to express their fears about the new Apple car, and the industry wants to know why. According to Fortune, Dieter Zetsche, head of Mercedes-Benz does not fear the idea of an apple car because it is just another form of competition. He even went as far as stating that Apple would not be threatened if Mercedes started building smartphones. Companies plan on competition, and that is what makes an industry successful.

Healthy competition

Growing industries are great news for the country because it means more job availability. Popular companies such as Apple have the obligation to constantly come up with new products in order to remain popular, so Apple is just running like a good business. Competition is always threatening, but it also keeps companies on their toes and producing worthwhile products for consumers. The idea that the car industry could be making room for another big name like Apple is great news for car insurance agencies as well as it will likely boost their sales. Competition is what keeps businesses running, and a little fear does companies good because it lights the fire for them to deliver.

The right time to fear

The car industry should definitely feel the pressure to build business, because a new man in the game means less business coming their way. Companies need to take the rumors and run with them, generating new innovations and bringing in business. Let fear drive up the business.

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Source: http: //fortune. com/2015/02/25/mercedes-apple-car/
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