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Are mini cooper built-in potentiometers good for HEPI?

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Hi all,

Quick question: can I use my existing mini cooper pedal with a built in potentiometer to connect to my controller?

Some context: the mini cooper "potentiometers in the accelerator pedal sensor communicate pedal position directly to the engine control module (ECM). Two separate signals, one signaling pedal position and the other indicating rate of pedal movement, communicate driver demand on the system. The signals from the sensor vary in voltage and differ in signal type. One signal is digital and one is analog."

So would these outputs work with a controller? Or should I just use a toyota prius accelerator instead?
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I'm changing a little Cooper over to electric and one of the (many) issues I need to address is that my gas pedal is outfitted with a lobby sensor with 3 pins: ground, 5v in and a variable yield, from 0.75v to 3.95v. The engine regulator I'm utilizing to control my vehicle peruses the opposition between the two wires from a 0-5k ohm potentiometer and utilizations this perusing to balance the capacity to the engine. All things being equal or genuinely joining a pot. to the pedal, I was contemplating whether there is an approach to utilize the 0-4v sign yield from the corridor impact sensor and make an interpretation of it to 0-5k ohm.
Much obliged!!!
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