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I recently had my Elcon 1500 go belly-up. weirdest thing; it would start a charge by checking pack voltage, but the relay wouldn't 'click' and start putting any current in. Dove is taking a look to see if it can be repaired... but if not, I have sent a spare to Elcon for programming.

I had an old one originally set for a 96v lead-acid charge curve. I'm checking in with the group today to ask if there is any way to re-program ourselves, or does this require some proprietary hardware/software? Elon is taking a while to respond, and I'm not thrilled about the shipping expense back and forth...

I know what I'd like..... 'curve 613' with setting 10 such that end-of-charge voltage is set to 48x3.65=175.2v and the active setting is 8.... to give me an eoc voltage of 46x3.65= 168... which will bring my 48 cells up to a nice friendly eoc of 3.50 vpc.

what does it take to program these things?
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