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I'm reading into the EV topic (I'm no mechanic or electrical engineer, I just like to learn stuff) and there's one thing I don't understand.

From what I've read, the rear motor of Tesla can output from 285kW to 350kW of power, depending on the model. And that motor weights about 31 kilograms.

But when I take a look and AC induction motors from other manufacturers, they are nowhere close to those numbers.

In the evwest catalog, most motors from are several times as heavy, providing just fraction of power. For example the "AM Racing AMR Dual Stack 250-90 AC Motor - Liquid Cooled, Permanent Magnet - Remy" can provide similar power, but weights over 2.5 as much as the Tesla motor.

So my question is - do I understand those parameters incorrectly, am I looking at wrong motors/sources, or is Tesla's technology simply that effective and "cutting edge"?

Thanks for the clarification :)
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