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Here is a little kart I built back around the end of summer called !Arriba!

It's set up Old School Style (knees way up high)

For this one, I was goin' for

...little & big @ the same time

I used a minimalistic approach

...& tried to make it strong by design

...a small foot print with lots of room

...& lots of power

...but, also lightweight & heavy duty @ the same time


...easy to enter & exit

...comfortable to drive

...powerful - torquey & speedy (over 20 mph)

...strong but, don't over build it (keep her ~100 lbs.)

I designed & set 'er up for

...dual 48V 1,000W motors

...running off of (4) small 12V 12AH SLA batteries

Ideally, they should be a matching pair of motors & speed controllers

I already have (1) 48V 1,000W MY1020 motor & speed controller

so, I'll deal with roundin' up a matching pair next year

...for now, we'll just go with a single motor, mounted on the left side.
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The weight bias looks like it's quite far back. Great for traction but with the centre of mass also being quite high relative to the axle, it might make keeping the front wheels on the ground quite challenging, especially for hill starts.

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Thats good to know. I have a 1800w that I got to rotate once but can't get it going consistently. I have a 1000w brushed that runs like a champ. I will just get another. Did you just run 2 controllers and 1 throttle?

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Yes, this kart was specifically designed to "pop wheelies"
...super short wheel base (~28")
...powerful, dual ZY1020 48V 1,000W motors
...even, weight biased, by mounting the battery pack behind the rear axle

But, it didn't perform as designed
...come to find out, I had a bad cell or 2 in the battery pack
...from when I tested them stupid Batt-Bridges (still never got a refund from that dude)

So, lets try this again
...(2) fresh motors/controllers, from Alfa Wheels (~$100.00 ea./$200.00 total)
…& (4) fresh 12V 12AH batteries, from Mighty Max (~$25.00 ea./$100.00 total)

Now, let's see if she can get 'er "up"
...properly, with speed controllers not just a contactor & a switch
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