One Ashwood motor, and Sevcon controller, as removed from a low mileage Ford Transit van. I bought this for a motorcycle project, but found the wiring was beyond my capacity, and so i just sold the batteries on, and the rest of the stuff was put on a shelf, till i got a better understanding. 5+? years later, i accepted i am still uncomfortable, and so sent it off to an expert, who got it running in 5 mins. I have now gone in a different direction, and with other plans, and so the motor and controller are now surplus, but still located in Bath with Jozztek. I am happy to sell as is, and Steve has forwarded a video of the motor running, which i can forward to you if required before purchase, or if you care to buy, then have Steve program the Sevcon configured to your exact requirements, then this can be done by him for a nominal fee, before you collect, either from Bath or in Widnes Cheshire. To complete, you will require a compatible relay to suit, and a hand or foot throttle of some sort, and i also have the complete BMS as came with the vehicle, but have no idea if it is of any use, ( still located in Widnes ) but you can have this if you think it is of any use. Contact via site, or email at [email protected]. yours Dave